Banner showing robot ants interacting with a beetroot that itself has robotic wheels and robotic arms. The image is repeated several times. Artistic image is AI generated via Adobe Firefly.

The Pavlic BEET Lab

Bringing Ecology and Engineering Together

Welcome to the Pavlic BEET Lab!

Circular logo around a grid of four top-down views of beetles where two are robotic beetles and two are realistic beetles. Around the grid is a light-green banner around the outside that reads "BEET Lab Engineers and Scientists" and "The BEETLES". Each of the four images were AI generated via Adobe Firefly.

This lab web site is currently under construction. Soon, you’ll be able to read about the projects going on in the lab. For now, check out the people who make up the lab – the BEET Lab Engineers and Scientists (the BEETLES).

Our lab is built upon the premise that engineering and ecology provide each other with very useful lenses on which to look at the other.

Recent Lab News and Posts

  • A Lab Website is Born
    The Pavlic Lab, now known as the BEET Lab, has recently launched its website after a long delay. The lab’s focus extends beyond autonomy, encompassing augmented intelligence, decision support, and ecological engineering. The new identity reflects the holistic nature of the lab’s work, fostering excitement for future endeavors and blog updates.